New TimesMachine from the Gray Lady

New TimesMachine from the Gray Lady

An aptly named “TimesMachine” from
The New York Times offers up online images of historic newspapers from the 1850s through the 1920s. You can view sample papers at, but to browse through the 70-year spread of history you need to be a home delivery subscriber of the paper
Besides the boon to students and history buffs alike, the new site gets my gears going about the online media business and the huge promise afforded by services like Amazon’s S3.
That’s because while I agree with Silicon Alley Insider that the offering won’t be a ‘huge money-maker’ for the Times, it doesn’t have to be.  From what NYT engineer Derek Gottfrid describes, once the papers were all digitized he was able to use Amazon’s web services to quickly get the rest of the work done.
In a video interview with Robert Scoble, Gottfrid says “Once we moved it up to Amazon for a couple hundred dollars… we were able to do it in about 24-36 hours…  It was a great use of Amazon for us to be able to churn through the data.”
Gottfrid doesn’t specifically describe how he used Amazon’s services, and I don’t want to give Amazon too much free advertising here. But this seems like more justification of my high hopes for the new platforms afforded to enterprising developers, whether they’re at resource-starved companies or in their own living room, for getting great stuff up online.
Along with Amazon,
Google is also jumping into this space. I previously wrote about its App Engine Platform, which likewise aims to allow anyone with a great idea to bring it to life online.

This article publishes in The New York Times . The New York Times is a daily newspaper published in New York City and distributed internationally. It is owned by The New York Times Company, which publishes 15 other newspapers, including the International Herald Tribune and The Boston Globe. It is the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States.
On 24 May 2008 it has announced the back issue newspapers from Sept 22, 1851 to Dec 30, 1922 as online version. But these are not on open access because to access these issues one has to subscribe the Home Delivery service of this newspaper.
The Home delivery Service is paid service available for within and outside New York inhabitants.
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