Range of Information Resources

Information Resources:

There are number of information resources required and available in any academic library. What kind of information resources should be subscribed, Generally it depends upon the nature of clientele for whom library has to establish. Here I have tried to present the table devised by Hanson and Grogan for a common list of Information resources suitable for any type of academic library, ranging from primary to college or research library. These information resources are classified as per their information characteristics.

Primary Information Resources are those which contains and provides first hand information in regard of any thing, event, organisation or any living being. In this sense, these documents can be known for providing new interpretation of any existing knowledge from universe of wisdom.

Secondary Information Resources act as guiding tool to get the first hand information resources, i.e. Primary Information Resources. Generally, these resources do not carry any original or primary type information, infect these are the compilation of varied information of different primary resources.

Tertiary Information Resources can be categorised list or index of Secondary Information Resources. The main function of these resources is to facilitate researchers to find out their relevant information in minimum time and in order to that they are fulfilling the fourth law of the library science which advocates to save the time of reader.





   1.Periodicals    1.        Bibliographies    1.Yearbooks
   2.Research and Technical


   3.Conference Proceedings    2.        Indexing and Abstracting Services    2.Directories
   4.Official Publications
   5.Patents    3.        Reviews, State of the art reports  Progress



   3.Bibliography of Bibliographies
   7.Trade Literature    4.        Reference Books





   4.List of research in progress
   8.Theses and Dissertations    5.        Text Books    5.Guide to Information Sources and Organisations
   9.Laboratory Notebooks
11.Internet Research Reports
12.Correspondences, Personal Files

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