School Library :

School library plays a key role in the cultural and social life of the school and is an important part of the school community and reflects and welcomes this community


Why we need a library in school

All of us must have heard in our childhood that family is the first school of every person. Still one has to enroll yourself in any kinder garden school to get formal education. This education helps us to sharpen our learning skills and also give deep insight of every branch of the universe of knowledge. Beside this there are much more objectives are to get school education which may be summerised as below:
  1. In order to get specialised and professional skill one has to equip with basic knowledge of foundation subjects, which comprise with all basic subjects of knowledge world.
  2. To give deep insight of society and its roots , where we are living.
  3. To Sharpen ethical and moral values to build a healthy and strong society.
    In order to achiever above and many more similar objectives, a school is the best institution where a human being learn the first lesson of his life, off course with the  help of structured curriculum and syllabus.
Basically, school education prepares a child or in broader sense, young children to acquire skills in the learning process
School libraries not only cater its clientele by offering range of materials to meet their diversified need of them but also persuade reading habits in students so that they can learn independent study and simultaneously how to ask questions.
The school library provides information, generate knowledge and helps in building wisdom that is so indispensable to carrying out effectively in today’s information and knowledge based society.
Hence, the school library is considered to be heart of the each and every institution where all the activities planned and executed in any academic institution, especially in schools. School libraries can instrumented as a helping hand for learners in all type of academic activities, be it home examination, class project, general competitive exam, recreation or inspiration activities or just want to spend some leisure time.

Purpose of School Library

Allthough, a school library has self explanatory purpose and objective, that is with the help of its learning tools and services empower the young learners .

IFLA Guideline


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