Technical Zone


Dr. S.R. Ranganathan , the forefather of Library and Information Science has felt that “Each and Every Book has its Reader” and simultaneously “Every  Reader has his/her Book” in the library.


With the amalgamation of information technology, “Book” has been replaced by the word earlier with “Document” and later on with “Information“. In order to make available the required information to the Right User at the Right Time, some behind the scene activities need to be performed. These activities consolidatedly  known as Technical Activities. These activities starts from the moment, when any piece of information enters in the library and till continues the moment when the user receive at their desk. 

In broader sense, Technical activities of any type of library includes:

  • Identification and locating potentially worthwhile pieces of information to add to the library collection;
  • Selection or deciding which of the identified or selected items to add to the collection;
  • Acquisitions,i.e procuring the items for the library collection;
  • Organization or  Classifying and cataloging the documents and forms of information so that it  will aid the end-user in locating materials in the library collection;
  • Preparation or in other words, labeling, binding, repairing, conservation, and otherwise making items ready for (and maintained during) storage in a manner so that allows for easy retrieval ;
  • Beside above activities, updation of OPACs, creation and maintenance of MARC records in the catalogue, labeling, covering, security processing, and/or distribution of materials, maintaining a library’s technology resources, such as servers, OPACs, circulation, scanners, and other devices are also integral part of Technical services. 

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