Newspapers are very important and integral part of any library or information centre.  No library can imagine without the existence of any type of newspaper. Be it any type of academic library or any other special learning and knowledge centre, newspaper always available to greet their patron.

As nature, Newspapers are the very prominent type of periodical publication gives up to date news, articles in general and also related to a specific topic, subject, place etc. if these are not specified Normally they are published on daily basis. But sometimes the periodicity may vary from twice a day to bi-monthly or monthly.

Origin of Newspaper can be traced in Germany in near about 1400 when open handwritten newsletters were circulated.

During Renaissance, these newsletters were used to update the merchants about war and custom related news and information. With the advent of printing technology, these hand-written pamphlets replaced by printed newsletters. In 16 the century, first newspaper was published in the name of The Weekly News and this was the beginning of newspaper era.

india np
First Published Indian Newspaper


In India, Calcutta is the city where the first newspaper was published in 1780 by James Augustus Hickey with the name, Bengal Gazette and with this new wave has started. With the amalgamation of information technology with information, newspaper technology has also seen the sea change. E-Version of printed newspaper is a daily routine for everyday life.


1970 was the year when the electronic version of printed newspaper came in light. That was the time when e-paper was just content based e-version of their counterpart.e paper Within 20 years, roughly 10 newspapers were in electronically circulation mode. But with the emerging information technology, e-newspapers also increased rapidly in numbers and with the passing of 2001, world wide web as ready to host more than 3400 electronic newspapers. Web2 technology has also touched the e-newspaper technology. With this e-paper is more interactive and now a reader can interact with newspaper team in forum, comment section and chat room etc.

With the dawn of twenty first century, e-newspaper also became integral- part of daily life across the globe. Every second household is enjoying newspaper on their tablet, mobile or any type of communication tool with their own convenience time and availability. Continuous up-dation of news, events of all concerned areas not an issue with the readers.

There are immeasurable e-newspapers are available to explore across the globe. I have tried to the summarised list of available e-paper in the virtual world and waiting to explore:

  2. Newspaper US and Worldwide
  3. World Newspaper and Magazine Online
  4. Newspapers & Magazines
  5. Newspaper US and Worldwide
  6. World Newspapers and Magazines Online
  7. Newspaper Map
  8. World Newspaper and Magazines
  9. Press Display
  10. World
  12. Newspaper
  13. The Economist
  14. The Independent
  16. All Newspapers
  17. DMOZ
  18. Global Newspaper
  19. The Guardian
  20. News Link
  21. Easy Newspaper
  22. One World Nation Online
  23. Global Times
  24. Indekx
  25. List of Newspapers



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